Monday, June 23, 2008

When Did You Last See Your Father? and My Winnipeg in Theatres Now

Two films that have been in release for a little bit now that I forgot to mention, both of them which I caught at the Toronto Film Festival last year. 

The first is "When Did You Last See Your Father?", a sweet and effective father/son drama which may have its share of conventional storytelling, but it really ends up being a somewhat beautiful piece of work. Playing at the Angelika Film Center and the Lincoln Plaza Theatres (not for much longer due to poor box office), here is my review of the film from last September. 

The second is "My Winnipeg," another eccentric and maddeningly brilliant autobiographical film by Guy Maddin. A darkly comical foray into his past, Guy Maddin yet again crafts a great little film, which some rather amazing edits-certainly one of his more funny works. Playing at the IFC Center, here is my review of the film from last September. 


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